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Nami and Jinbe run away from their pursuers by being pulled into the Mirror World by Chopper.

Queen's Chamber
Prometheus is being treated for a wound.
Brook is the first person to wound Prometheus.
Despite Brook being there, Pudding shows her third eye and true personality while confirming the plans for the wedding.

When Sanji lifts up her veil to give the kiss, she will reveal her third eye.
While he flinches, she is to shoot him in the middle of the forehead.
With that as the signal, the rest of the unarmed Vinsmokes will be unloaded on.

6th Floor Sanji's Room
The watch guard is sleeping in Sanji's bed.
Another guard's sees someone sleeping in Sanji's room and goes to report this.

2nd Floor Meeting Room
The Ministers are reconfirming the situation regarding the invading Strawhats.
The Soul King is currently in Big Mom's hands.
Pedro is dead by explosion.
They've gotten a report that Chopper and Carrot have been captured by Brulee.
Luffy and Nami were burned to death during Opera's torturing.
Opera: (There's no way I could tell that I screwed up on guard duty! Mama will take away my entire lifespan!)
They receive reports that Sanji and the rest of the Vinsmokes are retired to their rooms,
so they end their meeting and begin to liven up for the biggest ceremony.
Mont'd Or doesn't believe Opera, so he tells some of the chess soldiers to be on patrol till morning.

Bobbin arrives at the place where Sanji accepted death.
He is kicked away by Sanji when he attempts to eat the bento left there.
Bobbin questions why Sanji is there since they had gotten reports that he was sleeping in his room.
Sanji takes the bento and leaves.


Translted by: @Zoro4Prez2016
Source: Shitaraba


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