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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga 906: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 906: Spoiler EmptyDo 31 Mai - 8:38

Ahoi es gibt schon nen kleinen Spoiler mit nen paar Bildern, also viel Spaß beim diskutieren.

Kleiner Spoiler:
The parties from Ryugu Kingdom and Goa Kingdom
Are advised to use the travellators that move along the ground but Fukaboshi chooses to walk along the regular path
Stelly looks down on them as fish who are afraid of modern technology
Fukaboshi had a bad feeling about this
Actually the travellators are powered by slave labour underground
From the Celestial Dragons' estates Charloss sees Shirahoshi with a pair of binoculars and wants to get hold of her.
The gates open and Ryugu/Goa kingdoms enter the venue but the other kingdoms are already there.
Shirahoshi is proposed to by various kingdoms. Shirahoshi, who is bad at diplomacy/lip service says
'You're not my type!' and her honesty pisses them off. Her brothers start to panic
Elsewhere Vivi and Rebecca are talking about Luffy and are getting along well
Similarly, Shirahoshi is frank about her debt to Luffy

Then the pirate Sai decides to sever connection with his country

Wapol and his queen appear and have a disagreement with Vivi
Dalton and Kureha appear and stir up the confrontation
Dalton sees Rebecca and Tontattas who seem happy at the mention of Luffy
'You like him don't you' he says in a quiet voice.
'I really like him' she replies

Then, in Level 6 Impel Down solitary confinement, Doffy asks Magellan if he's protecting him
Doffy speculates that while trying to keep Mariejoa's secret from leaking out, assassins will come from above
Even if it does leak, their political power will cause the situation to sour quickly

In Mariejoa, a straw hat is completed.

I have no idea what's going on here, the provider implies that the Straw Hat was made by someone, but doesn't say who.

Kurzer Dialog:
Shirahoshi: Were you guys talking about Luffy sama by any chance just then?
Rebecca: Wah!
?: Ah the mermaid princess <3
Manboshi: Whaddya doing talking to them? They're strangers! You can't say that we're friends with Luffy! He's a pirate! We'll be found out!
S: Waaa
Vivi: So pirates really go through the Fishman Island route to get to the New World..
Rebecca: Hey did you just say 'Luffy sama'?
V: Wait Rebecca! You probably just heard wrong...
S: Oh yes I said it <3 Do you know him?
M: Stop!!! Everyone knows his name!
S: I'm indebted to Luffy and his friends..
R & V: Me too!!
Igaram: Vivi sama is getting along with the mermaid princess
Viola: Rebecca looks like she's having fun.
Sai: Hm? Oi! I'm over here! You're Rebecca of Dressrosa aren't you!
R: Oh.
S: Oh! Brothers! You've come too Leo!
?: Why are pirates here!?
?: You're one too!




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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 906: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 906: Spoiler EmptyDo 31 Mai - 22:36

bin mal gespannt was es so alles damit auf sich hat *vorfreude*

One Piece Manga 906: Spoiler Proxy.php?

[Holy land ]

Sh: What a beautiful place !! Is that green thing there a " forest" ?
X : no , it is man-made .

[Marygeoise ]


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