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Guten Morgen,

Quick Summary
Chapter Title: Shugon and Oiran
In the Cover, Caesar writes on papers and the goats eat it.
The Shugon an afraid of Komurasaki.
it seems that Komurasaki stopped the orochi oniwabanshu.

One Piece Manga 932: Spoiler FCklFqD

"EDIT: The Oniwabanshu gets Robin. Robin says "I'm the witching hour boy, I came here to investigate on the flow of money in Flower Capital."
Fukurokuju attacks Robin, but it is not the real Robin. It is the fake Robin made by her ability.
While escaping, Robins calls Nami, Brook and Shinobu. She tells them that there are at least 11 ninjyas in this house.
Orochi: This is the 20th year after Oden's death. And it's the revenge year said by Toki. The wills of Oden are still alive somewhere.
One of subordinates is getting tired of this story, and says, "again?".
Orochi: "Did you guys know about the unbelievable strength of Nine Red Scabbard ? And Kinemon has a potential to be a leader, he is a smart one, they will do all the preparations and do their best to take my head! The yokuzuna incident in Kuri, fight against Jack's subordinates and that soba shop owner, Kinemon is the master mind behind all of these!"
But the subordinates don't care much about Orochi's speech.
Kyoshiro: "I hope they really "revived" somehow, and I will take them down."
Orochi: "Oden's son is still alive, they are trying to revive the Kozuki Clan and beat Kaido."
Orochi's guys want to laugh, they think something is wrong with Orochi's brain.
Otoko laughs at Orochi, and Orochi is pissed.
Orochi takes out his sword, but Komurasaki stands in front of him and gives him a big slap.
Orochi is mad and turns into a Orochi. Meanwhile, the Oniwabanshu finds Robin.
Sitting around all of the chaos, Kyoshiro finally put hand on his sword.

Das sind wohl die richtigen Spoiler.



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