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BeitragThema: One Piece Kapitel 941 Spoiler   One Piece Kapitel 941 Spoiler EmptyDi 23 Apr - 19:05

Guten Abend,

einmal die Spoiler zu Kapitel 941:

Quick Summary
From @EtenBoby
Chapter 941
15 pages

Orochi is still flipping out over Komurasaki’s death. He seem to have learned the identity of the witching hour boy from Fukurokuju’s report and said “Why is he still alive”
Zoro wakes up, and saw that Komurasaki is laying on his chest. Brook sees all this and his poor soul feel like it’s being attacked.

Break next week.

From Redon.
Jump cover, Luffy is wearing an armor knight, a sword and a shield with Mugiwara's jolly roger engraved


Sehr früh :O

MfG Embodiment

Hordy Jones
Hordy Jones
Hordy Jones

Hordy Jones

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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Kapitel 941 Spoiler   One Piece Kapitel 941 Spoiler EmptyMi 24 Apr - 14:07

More spoilers:

Komorasaki's funeral procession appears but only without the appearance of the corpse.
Luffy appears and he is very fat in a funny way
The shogun appears at the start of the chapter and he is very angry in a conversation with Kyoshiro.
Flashback image of prisoner his hand tied without the appearance of his personality
Holdem appears he has recovered from the hit
Otoko steps out of Zoro and hyori and runs towards a place where people meet and watch Yasu hanging on a long wooden cross.

Toko call Yasu father ~ People discover his character and are surprised that he is still alive and shouting to him
Shutenmaru appears with his followers and discusses the attack plans.
The image of the jailed person is Yasu and he names the hero of the poor was imprisoned Shogun in agreement with Kyoshiro Oda did not disclose his real character in the picture where the shogun thought he get rid of him and very angry because it is still alive and it is clear to everyone that they talk about Yasu.
Jump Cover:



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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Kapitel 941 Spoiler   One Piece Kapitel 941 Spoiler EmptyMi 24 Apr - 15:25

Ist mit dem Kapitel morgen schon zu rechnen?
(Sorry für die Frage, ich weis, es sind keine Spoiler und auch sonst kein nützlicher Beitrag)



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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Kapitel 941 Spoiler   One Piece Kapitel 941 Spoiler EmptyMi 24 Apr - 18:29

Ja in der Regel kommt das Kapitel früher wenn so früh Spoiler draußen sind, aber nicht sauer sein wenn es doch erst Freitag kommt Smile

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