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Hallo zusammen,

einmal die aktuellsten Spoiler zum kommenden One Piece Kaptiel 954

From Redon:- Chapter 955: "Enma"

.- In the cover, Fire Tank Pirates are on an island buying some supplies.

- All chapter is in Wanokuni, no Reverie or another island.

- Wanokuni Act 2 ends in this chapter.

-Luffy managed to use the new haki

- Last page Law appears

- It seems Enma "releases" the Haki of the swordsman. Enma cuts more than necessary

- Orochi already knows about Tokage Port where Samurai allies are going to meet.

- Both Wado Ichimonji and Enma were created by the same person. His name is Shimotsuki Kouzaburou, who went out of Wano country illegally more than 50 years ago. # "Zabu" as in Kozaburo means 3 and "Shi" as in Koushiro means 4 in Japanese, so probably Kouzaburou and Koushiro have some blood relationship.

Pics-1) Zoro training with Enma -

(Translation for this page from Etenboby -

Kin’emon: Mr.Zoro, I’ll kindly tell you that if it were me... I wouldn’t take it???:What?!!Sanji?: He cut the coast!!???:Kya—Zorojuuro’s arm is!! )

2)Double page spread of Zoro training -

3)More Zoro-

(Translation for this page by Etenboby -

Zoro: why you...give it back!!
Hitetsu: that blade will release the holder’s “Ryuo” against his will and “cut” more than necessary......!! If it’s an ordinary swordsman, he would be laying on the ground....excellent work.
So? Do you want another sword? )

4)Enma and Ame no Habakiri -

5)Luffy wrecking stuff with his new haki -

6)Luffy destroying a tree without punching it -

Sources- Redon, Vegapunk


Some side info - Cover for Vol 94 -




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