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Guten Morgen,

einmal die aktuellen Spoiler zum kommenden Kapitel:

Title: Promised port. Roger Pirates including Oden held a party shortly before Great Pirate Era started. Oden decided to open Wano country in 20 years with his great subordinates.

After 25 years have passed, Wano arc Act 3 starts. Momonosuke and his subordinates gather in Udon, but no ships and 4000 soldiers can be found. There is a sign of having been attacked.

Momonosuke can’t get in touch with Luffy and Hyou.An incident occurred last night.


Roger flashback and Momo

Momo panel.

Momo: What are you doing? Inuarashi!

Some translation from AP

Crocus: Roger, you drank too much! Calm down on the drinking!

Roger: I don't want to be told that by a drunkard doctor!

Rayleigh: Do you need a hand with something Oden-San?

Buggy: I can also lend you a hand, Oden San!

Shanks: You're going to help? You're just a burden!! What about me Oden-san?

Oden: Rayleigh, Buggyjiro, Shankstarou, thanks but, we the Kouzuki's are the ones that have to handle this.

Buggy: I say it every time, but why the hell am I (Buggy)Jiro!?

Oden: Why Wanokuni has been closed off has always been a mystery.




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