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Guten Morgen,

einmal die aktuellen Spoiler zum kommenden Kapitel:

Translation by Sandman from Ap :

Chapter title is “Daimyo and the vassals”.

Oden leaves Hakumai and heads for Kuri in order to defeat Asura. Kuri is a notorious place where even Shogun Sukiyaki can’t handle.

All money was stolen from a safety box after Oden left. Actually Orochi was the culprit, but he insisted that Oden stole the money.

Oden heads toward Kuri rampaging throughout Wano. During his journey, some people who admire Oden become his subordinates.Oden succeeds in turning Kuri into peaceful place. Sukiyaki stops breaking off the relationship with Oden and gives him a title of Daimyo of Kuri.

After 6 years pass, some pirates who used to belong to Rocks Pirates which got destroyed are getting more famous with their new subordinates.

In the beach of Kuri, Kawamatsu find 2 creatures whom he is not sure whether they are human being or not.

Izou in Whitebeard Pirates is an elder brother of Kiku. They are the sons of Japanese traditional dance family, but their father was thrown into jail.

Both of them are so hungry that they eat some odens without permission.

Additional spoiler from 5ch via @Arara

Orochi stole not only money but also Hebi Hebi Devil Fruit (Yamata no Orochi DF) from the safety box.

-Chapter ends with note about the Rocks Pirates. And Inu and Neko arriving on the shore of Wano

-It seems that Raizo, Ahura Douji, Kiku, Izu and Kanjuro all already joined Oden's group.

(credit: worstgen forums)


(credit: DarkWitch77)

MfG Embodiment

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