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Guten Morgen,

einmal die neusten Spoiler:

Korean source

Chapter title- Mr. Racoon dog (Tanuki san)

  • Most members of the Mimawarigumi and the Oniwabanshu have been defeated by Hyougorou.

  •  Queen says to his subordinates who are infected by the virus :

  •  Pleasures , the trash that laugh because they failed the gamble to gain their abilities

  •  Waiters who won't get Smile Fruits regardless of how long they have to wait.

  •  You should feel better now since you became useful because of the virus now

  •  Chopper gets the antibodies before Hyogoro dies.

  •  Chopper has created a gaseous virus based on the antibodies and spreads it in the room with acannon.

  •  Queen attacks Chopper, but the Pleasures defend the reindeer as a shield voluntarily.

  •  Chopper takes a Rumble Ball and slaps Queen while Marco holds him (what we see in the image).

  •  Yamato and Momonosuke appear in the chapter.

  •  CP0 comments on Vegapunk and the "lineage factor".

  •  The Red scabbards meet a surprising character at the end (the spoiler provider does not reveal their identity).

One Piece Kapitel 1007: Spoiler   Pti675plqxl61
Snippet from the last page


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