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Guten Morgen,

einmal die neusten Spoiler:

Korean source

Brief summary thanks to Redon from AP forums

Chapter title - "Hell"

- Kinemon and his group meet Orochi face to face.

- The Red Scabbards defeat Orochi while he is transformed into his Yamato no Orochi form (although it is not known if he is really dead).

- Raizou Vs. Fukurokuju.

Kid: "Trafalgar !! Can't you send one of them away with your ability?

Law:" If I could I would have done it already !! Their Haki is so strong that I cannot move them.

- Luffy: "Watch out, a big one is coming !!"

- Big Mom and Kaidou attack at the same time.

- Zoro stops the attack for a moment and is injured but the rest manage to dodge it.

- Luffy attacks Kaidou, and Kaidou returns the attack by throwing a lightning bolt through his mouth (which is seen in the image)

- Kaido uses an attack called " Hell of the Three Realms "

- Law uses his Chambres to put Zeus in a metal box created by Kid.

- Zoro cuts Prometheus.

- Killer attacks Napoleon.

- Thanks to a combined attack from Kid and Law since she does not have Zeus, Prometheus and Napoleon, they manage to throw Big Mom out of Onigashima and she falls into the sea.

Additional info from Redon-

"About Big Mom, it is not that she falls into the sea at the end of the chapter. They have just thrown her off the island and she starts to fall towards the sea, but you can't see her touching the water or anything (although without Zeus or Prometheus, there's probably no way of stopping the fall)."

- Luffy appears on the cover of the magazine this week, holding his hat while sakura petals flyaround him

- In the Color Spread, the Straw Hat crew play in the snow with Tama, Komachiyo andBunbuku (the teapot from Tama's house that ate the Inu Inu no Mi model Tanuki).

Sketch by the provider





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