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Guten Tag,

einmal die neusten Spoiler:

Korean Source

Brief summary by Redon

Chapter is titled- "Haoshoku"

  • The chapter begins with the fall of Big Mom.

  • Luffy looks like he's defeated.

  • Kaidou attacks Zoro to free Prometheus.

  • Law changes with Zoro and attacks Kaidou.

  • Prometheus is going to help Big Mom.

  • Kid: "The goal is to separate them !! Leave her to us !!"

  • Zoro: "Kid, Killer ... !!"

  • Prometheus saves Big Mom and asks her for something (we don't know what).

  • Zoro tells Law that the attack he is going to launch on Kaidou is the best he can do, and that if it doesn't work, he leaves the rest to him.

  • Zoro intersperses some dialogue with Kaidou while using the Asura attack and then attacks him.

  • Kaidou: "It can't be ... Do you also have Haoshoku? This is going to leave a scar on me."

  • Kaidou attacks Law: "Enough is enough. Raimei Hakke !!"

  • Luffy recovers and talks to Kaidou.

    Luffy: "When you hit me with your bat, I understood everything ... !! Did you use the Haoshoku?"

  • Kaidou: "Only the powerful can do it !!"

  • After this, Kaidou falls before Luffy's attacks (one is the one in the image).

  • Luffy: "At some point and in some way, you will fall."


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