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Jinbe: And the one who saved us.... was pops.. the late "Whitebeard".

Whitebeard (FB): I'll make this island... MY territory!!

Jinbe: And so, peace was restored to the island.

Jinbe: but that doesn't mean the hatred of fishman by the humans would stop...!!
I'm sure you guys saw the truth at Sabaody Archpelago...
Hachi: Nyu-...
Jinbe: Strange thing is, those who gain political power... fear change more than anyone else.
(first half cut off) The closer you get to the core of the government, who decided "befriending" us...
the more the racism ran strong, and nothing was going to change...!

Jinbe: meanwhile, here in Fishman Island, two people rose to change this rotten history.
One was Queen Otohime. She preached to the masses to co-exist with the humans.
She was the mother of Princess Shirahoshi.
Another was the hero of the Slave Liberation, Fisher Tiger.
He chose to break ties with humans, and violated the taboo of the world... by attacking the Holy Land of Mariejoa, and freeing the slaves.
Luffy: Something-tiger? I've heard that name somewhere....
Jinbe: He's the man who then led the formerly slave fishmen, and formed the Pirates of the Sun...!

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15 years ago.....
Hachi: Boss-!! Boss! Enemy ship sighted!! Nyu-!!
Boss! Boss! Boss!!
Arlong: Man, Hachi, shut it.
Tiger: You ARE being very noisy...
Hachi: Sparidae boss!! It's an emergency!!
Tiger: Is it the marines?

[Captain Fisher Tiger (Fishman of Sea Bream) (The man who saved Empress Hancock)]


BTW, Sea Bream (Sparidae) is called TAI in Japanese.
Pirates of the Sun is TAIyou Kaizokudan.
Tiger is spelled with TAI

It's a pun.

--> Hier <-- könnt ihr über dieses Kapitel diskutieren.


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