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Source: 2ch
Credits: T
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt!

第632話 知ってた
扉絵 ウィスキーピーク (ビビのパートナーだったMR.9がミス・マンデーと結婚)

広場上空にジンベエメガロしらほしが到着。偽物のネプチューンの作り物に近づく(偽物はじゃもんじゃ もんとしゃべってる)
ホーディが魚人海賊団の規模を語る。武器をもった魚人7万人+奴隷にした人間の海賊3万+α(今後も増える 為)

魚人島を滅ぼすのは麦わらのルフィ。裏返せばホーディーがこの島に君臨する未来は無いってことだと言うが撃 水で撃たれる
人間の海賊に頼み署名に火を付けさせその騒ぎに乗じてオトヒメと海賊を殺し海賊を犯人に仕立て 上げた。
一同が驚愕する中、ホーディがしらほしに真実を話す。シラホシは目に涙を浮かべ落ち着きながら『知ってまし た。』




Source: apahige
Credits: apforum
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt!

Chapter 632: I knew it
cover: Whiskey Peak (Mr9 and Miss Monday got married!)

Jinbe, Shirahoshi, and Megalo arrive above the plaza.
They approach a crafted fake Neptune (the fake Neptune is saying jamonjamonjamon...)
At the plaza, the three princes are captured just like their father.
The New Fishmen Pirates jeer on for execution
Hody says they haven't heard from Decken. Hody knows about Shirahoshi's legend
Jinbe & Shirahoshi are captured. Shirahoshi's fault.
All the players are on the board, now only ones left are the Strawhats.
Hody talks about the size of the Fishmen Pirates.
70,000 armed fishmen + 30,000 enslaved human pirates + etc (still growing)

Madame Shirley appears, and tells Hody not to get so cocky.
The one that will destroy Fishman Island is Luffy, not him.
In other words, there's no future for Hody to rule this island.
Hody shoots her with uchimizu (the move he used last chapter)
Shirahoshi is startled. Shirley's brother is Arlong
Hody's scheme started ten years ago. The one who killed Otohime is Hody
He asked a human pirate to set fire on the petitions, and killed Otohime amidst the chaos.
Then he blamed it on the pirate.

Hody reveals it all to Shirahoshi as the crowd listens in shock.
Shirahoshi has tears in her eyes, and says "I knew it all along"

Decken throws the Noa at Shirahoshi.
Noa is half the size of the Fishman Island!!


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