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Aohige_AP schrieb:
Here it goes.....
Huge, huge, HUUUUUUUGE reveals.

Joker is Doflamingo.
Vice-Admiral Vergo is a crew of Doflamingo.
Originally Posted by Aohige_AP
The meat stuck on Vergo's cheeks are, infact, a burger.

Vergo joined the marines before his name became known as a pirate, 15 years ago, under the orderof "Joker" = Dofla.
He rose to Vice Admiral rank in that 15 years, and is the most trusted crew of Doflamingo.

Since Law revealed Vergo's identity to Strawhats and Smoker, Vergo now has to kill Smoker and Tashigi.

Aohige_AP schrieb:
Chapter 673: Vergo and Joker

reader request coverart: Brook dancing with a fossilized dinosaur in late-night musium, Ussop the security guard spots them.

New World... an island somewhere.

citizen: Please search for the children!! Please, just one more time...!
??? (marine): No, it's useless!
citizen: Please, with the marine's resources, please look for them! (shows pictures)
citizens: Please if you could, let us talk to the one called Captain Tashigi!! She's known to listen to our pleas with much generousity...

???: EH!?
How dare you!! What an insult!! (the marine abuses the citizens)
We're also marines of the same G-5!! Do you bastards doubt our report, and DARE speak against us? Dare much!? We govern this area!!
Marine: Gyahahaha!! Rear-admiral, that's too much!

*'much' is this moron's character quirk*

Marine G-5 rear-admiral Yarisugi (too much) of platoon 06
Yarisugi (Toomuch): Shut up already, and listen! Listen much!
The children died accidently! We've already confirmed this by the top of G-5, Vice-admiral Vergo!! Confirmed much!
We've searchd ten thousand times already!
If you dare fuss about this anymore, we'll kill you all for interfering in our business, and burn down this town!
Marine: Gyahahaha, that's too much, rear-admiral!

Yarisugi: Heh, Tashigi-chan eh!? They've got much gull!
I wish she was under me.. but she's the right-hand of Vice Admiral Smoker and his 01 platoon! Much right.
She has no time to be bothered with incident that happened three years ago!! Not much time!
Stupid shits...
Marine: Gyahahaha, you've said too much!

citizen: Is it true that this has reached Vice Admiral Vergo...?
He protected us from pirates once.... he was unbelievably gentleman like, despite being a G-5 marine.... Would he tell us this was an "accident" as well..?
Kids who were just playing in the neighborhoood suddenly "died accidently in ocean"...? They expect us to believe this!?
female citizen: They're alive....

female citizen: I know the kids are alive out there somewhere...!

Iced zone
Ruins of Lab1 and Lab2
Nami, Usopp side...

Kids: Aaaahhh!!
Nami: Usopp!! Put them to sleep, hurry!

Usopp: I'm doing it, but it's not gonna work forever!!
Kids: Uuu.... please release us from these chains..!

Usopp: I bet the pain from their withdraw is much stronger!
Nami: Then what do we do!?

Usopp: We just have to somehow keep them down... c'mon, Sanji!
Nami: I'm N.A.M.I!!

Usopp: Damnit, you only look tough...
Nami: Well, I'm SOOOORRY!

Kids: Aaah.... please, please give us candies.. my head hurts....*puke*
It's so painful... candies will make it go away...!
Give us candies!!!!

Usopp: Gyaaaa here they come!!!!
I can attack them right!? I man come on, those are monters!
Nami: No, you idiot! They're just kids!

Kids: ah!! It's the Master!!
CC: Are you ok, children? Shurororo....
Kids: Master!
CC: Come now, let's get back to the lab... it's dangerous out here.
Kids: Master1
CC: Here, don't you want to have those delicious candies again...?
Usopp & Nami: M.... Master!?

Punk Hazard, center lake

Smiley: Baaaohhh!!
Brook: !? The slime is angry!?
Nanji: Why suddenly?
Zoro: Maybe because all those little slimes blew up?
Kin-emon: Like a parent and children!? But we had no choice...!

Nanji?: Look, its shape is changing!
Kin-emon: What... is that..!?

Smiley (M's pet)
gel-like poisoness gas that ate the Sala-Sala fruit model Axolotl

Nanji: What is that... a frog?
Zoro: Nah, maybe a lizard?

Smiley: Baaoh!!
Brook: Oh god, that's too big!

Nanji: Run!
Kin-emon: Whoa!
Brook: Gyaaa!!

Kin-emon: Can it split limitlessly!?
Brook: No, I think the body on the other side of the shore got a little smaller.
Nanji: So eventually that one will go away? Perhaps it's shooting "itself" to come to this side?

Nanji: If that thing gets over here, we got a problem!
Zoro: Yeah, it emits gas if you cut it... it explodes if you burn it... and this time around, it's gonna be incomparably bigger..! The lab is in danger too!
Kin-emon: What! Then we must hurry! Momo-nosuke!!

Zoro: What are you guys doing? I'm gonna head to the lab
Nanji: Then we have no choice but to go! What are you going to do if you lose Kin-emon!? Are we to run all over the island looking for your ass!?
Brook: Yohohoho, and I would like to see his sword skill as well!
Let's go! To the labs!

In front of CC's laboratory

G5 marines: Give us back Smo-yan! And Tashigi-chan!!
Open this place, damnit!! What the hell is with this thick shutter, I can't even dent it! Even with a bazooka!
How about the back entry?
It's no use, the shutter is down everwhere.
Damn that gas-bastard!!

Marine: That freaky jelly isn't raining down from the sky anymore... but be careful! It's gatherig little by little and getting larger!
What should we do!? We can't even steal a ship, there is no escape!!
We can't even contact anyone, we're left by ourselves in this cold!!

Inside the compound - Ceaser's lab

Vergo: What is Ceaser starting up....?
Monet: Who knows... he woke up his pet Smiley, maybe he's starting some big experiment?

Monet: Vergo, did you eat a hamburger this morning?
Vergo: ? How did you know? It's my favorite.

V.A. Vergo G-5 Marine Base Commander

(It's officially VERGO. I was right all along! Smile

Vergo: I'd like to see that experiment.... are everyone outside going to die?
Monet: Probably. It's safe here in this lab though.

Smoker: Hey Vergo!! The ones outside are all G-5 Marines! Your own men!!

Vergo: Yeah... I guess you're right...

By the way.... that's some incredible line-up to be in the same cell. What a sight.
Robin: You know, this brings back memories, seeing you together in the cell
Luffy: Oh yeah, we got caught along with smokey in Alabasta by you guys!
Smoker: Shut up!
Tashigi: Smoker-san.... I don't know how to feel about ths...!! *sob*
Smoker: Your prediction came true in the worst possible way, it seems...

Smoker: in other words... the kidnapping of children by Ceaser was twisted into "accident in ocean" by him... none other than the top of the marine base.
I can't say I'm surprsed considering it's G-5, but... the marines are going to lose some face with this.

Law: It's no wonder you didn't notice. Vergo didn't betray the marines...
He's always been a pirate. Before his name was known, he joind the marines under Joker's order..

..and spent 15 years in the marines to rise in rank from the bottom. He's the most trust worth marine to Joker.
Vergo is and has always been a crew of the Joker!

Smoker: Joker... that's the name of the broker in underground..
I hate myself for not noticing such stench of a sewer rat so close to me..!
Vergo: Don't belittle yourself so much, young Smoker. Instead, compliment this sewer rat for doing such a fine staying off the rader of the "White Hunter" undetected.
Since the day you were transferred from the HQ, I've been very cautious. To think I'll be releaved of this stress now makes me quite happy.
You do realize, what discovering my identity means right?
It means, Vice Admiral Smoker and Captain Tashigi, that you two are going to die here and forever be silenced.
Ceaser can have your men out there for all I care.
It's alright... we'll "take care" of it all, just like always.

Luffy: Hey, Torao. (Toraman, Toradude) who is ths Joker you're talking about?
Law: I was once... his subordinate as well.
Luffy: !?
Law: That's why I know Vergo.
"Joker" is just a street name he uses as the broker of underground. But his identity is a well known pirate to the world... One of the Shichibukai.
He is... Donquixote Doflamingo!



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