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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga 674 Spoiler    One Piece Manga 674 Spoiler  EmptyDi 10 Jul - 13:31

Zitat :

第674 傍観者達 
扉絵 短期集中連載 人魚の入江に響く悲鳴
シーザーは何故連れ出した 子供たちが苦しんでると波とウソップに言う。
子供たちはマスター!キャンディーくれよと言う。止めようとしたウソップは殴られる。子供は幻覚を見ていて ナミをゴキブリ呼ばわりして殴った。
ウソップがシーザーに向けて火の鳥星をうって引火爆発させようと思ったがシーザーは空気もすべて操れるため 当たる前に火を消した。酸素を抜けば呼吸もできなくなる。
ウソップナミ気絶しそうな所でシーザーは子供たちに命令。【この悪魔たちを退治しろ!その巨大なパイプ で頭を割ってやれ】
ピンチに茶ひげ登場。パイプを受け止めシーザーに攻撃。目が醒めた茶ひげは部下を返せというがシーザー は嘲笑う。三人ともガスタネットにより爆発。
『あー各地非合法成る仲介人(ブローカー)諸君。急な実験ですまないがこれを目にする君らは運 が良い。』
『これより見せる毒ガス兵器は4年前のそれに新たな効果を加えとても政府には作り出せない代物に成っている 』
『今日 輪が島に招かれざる珍客達が迷い込んできた為この機会に実験を執り行う次第だ』
『国盗り 戦争 支配 用とは様々 気に行ってもらえたら取引をしようじゃないか。』
会話の相手は新世界各地の海賊。島の周りにはキッド一味やペコムズ、その他謎の海賊たちが居る。各地には映 像デンデンムシが繋がってい居る。チョッパーは隠れて話しを聞いていた。

Zitat :
Chapter 674: Spectators
Coverart: new short coverstory.. A scream heard in the Mermaid bay

Caeser asks why Usopp and Nami have brought the children out of the lab, they're in pain now
Nami is pissed, questions him what he fed them. The children want to go home, and she swears to get them out of here.
The kids ask the Master to give them more candies. Usopp tries to stop them, but is punched.
The kids are hallucinating, and hits Nami thinking her a cockroach.

Usopp shoots a Firebird Star at Caeser in attempt to set him on fire and explode, but CC can manupilate even the air around him, so he snuffs the fire out before it reaches him. By removing the oxygen in the air, he can make people suffocate.
Usopp and Nami are about to fall unconcious, and CC orders the kids "Get rid of these demons! Use that giant pipe over there, and crack their heads open!"
However, Brownbeard appears to save them from their danger. He blocks the pipe, and attacks Caeser.
Brownbeard sees the truth now, and demands CC let go of his men. Caeser simply laughs at him.
He uses the Gastanet to blow up the three.

CC den-den radio contacts Monet.
He then contacts someone else...

"Ahem, Illegal underworld brokers, sorry for the hasty experiment, but you men are lucky to be a witness to this.
The poison gas weapon you're about to witness is improved from the one four years ago with new effects the World Government would never be able to recreate.
Today, my island has had some... unwelcomed visitors. This is a perfect chance for me to perform this experiment.
Invasion. War. Conquest. This weapon has many utilization. If you like what you see here, let's talk business."

The ones he's transmitting to are pirates around the world.
Around the island you see the Kid pirates, Pekoms, and many other unknown pirates.
Each location have a vision den-den mushi broadcasting the scene.
Chopper hides and listens to the conversation.

Kid's man: Hey boss... you interested in this Weapon of Mass Murder?
Kid: No... but it doesn't hurt to know these things.

End of chapter


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