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Source: 2ch
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Source: apforums
Credits: Aohige_AP
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Chapter 686: The Snow Woman in the Biscuit Room
coverstory: Brother Rescued! Coribou successfully rescused his bro by breaking the stake with his shovel.
looks pretty cool actually, Coribou is so much more badass than his muddy bro.

first half

Third Laboratory in Building B, third room... the "Biscuit Room"
Mocha runs out of the room carrying the candies, and short 2page flashback of how she got here, befriended the kids, and how CC and Monet lied to them all along, she sobs as she recalls how kind the children were, and how the same kids (names revealed) are completely out of control now and chasing her.
Nami, Chopper, and Robin runs after them to stop the kids.

As Zoro faces off Monet, Monet turns away from Zoro and chases after Nami and Chopper, and tries to stab her.
Zoro rushes in just in the moment to stop her, demanding to know what the hell she thinks she's doing, going after the weaker ones.

Hearing him say that, Nami uses her Climatact to make "heat egg", a ball of hot heat, and melts off Monet's wings.
Monet is in pain, and melts into the floor as snow, then covers the floor in snow, as well as the exit.
She seals off the room then starts to cover Nami in snow.

Monet materializes behind Nami, and looks like a fanged monster!
She tries to eat Chopper, but Nami gets him out of her bite, as Robin shaters the snow-monster Monet with a giant hand (Cuatro Manom "Spank").

Monet is adamant to not let them go after the kids, as they are important experiment to CC.
Her primary mission here is to protect Ceaser and his experiments.

Zoro slices the snow-covered entrance open, so others can go after the kids. Monet vs Zoro resumes.
Monet changes her wings into blades, but Zoro blocks the attack.
She notices Zoro hasn't been attacking her, just defending her attacks.
She asks why he's not attacking, and says she thought there was no way she could win against Zoro, but perhaps that may not be true after all..

Their fight is interrupted with voices of Marines.
Marines, led by Sanji arrives. Zoro tell them to go after the kids, and Sanji orders the men to make fun of Zoro as they pass. LOL
Of course, Sanji notices Monet and goes into his usual lovey-dovey mode, nose-bleeds, slips and falls on his head.

But Monet doens't intend to let any of them pass.
She turns into the snow monster again, and attacks the marines.... and BITES OFF a marine's shoulder!
The other marines retaliate with guns, but it has not effect on the logia-woman.
Tashigi however, lands a haki slice, that harms her and makes her bleed.

She orders her men to go after the kids, and she'll handle the snow-woman.
Zoro "EH!?"


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