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Credits: Aohige_AP
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The gas is spreading all over building B, and 10 min left till it fills up.
Zoro is running, carrying Tashigi who nearly fainted.
She's totally embarassed, screaming like a girl until she notices Zoro's Shusui (she's a katana fan afterall)

Building B third floor
Nami creates "Milky Balls" to block the path of children running to Mocha.
Robin uses Cien Fluer Dos Mano, and Chopper uses sedatives to bring down the kids.
Some of the kids gets past them, and tries to take the candies away from Mocha.
In desparate attempt, Mocha eats all the cadies herself!

Flashback to conversation Mocha had with Chopper.
He tells her about he experiments, and that the kids aren't really sick.
The candies are poisonous to them, and if they don't stop eating them, they'll all die before they grow up.
Mocha recalls talking with the kids about what they want to be when they grow up...
They promised each other they'll go out in the ocean when they turn 20.
She's utterly crushed hearing that they won't be able to grow up, and they'll die before reaching that age.
After a long conversation, Chopper assures her that his captain is a man who will become the Pirate King, and he will save them.
And to not let any other children have any more candies.

Back in present time.
Mocha is spewing blood and in pain after consuming all the candies.
Chopper is in tears telling the kids what the candies are, and why she sacrificed herself for them.
As the kids stop in their tracts stunned, the marines led by Sanji arrives.
They all jump on the kids to sedate them.

The marines carry Mocha's giant body to a medical room at Chopper's orders.
He swears to her he'll save her.

Building C, first floor... Luffy arrives out of te Dust Box with Momo wrapped around him.
He grabs one of CC's men and demands to know where Ceaser is.


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