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Source: apforums
Credits: Aohige_AP
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt

Building R second floor: The Secret Room
Brownbeard is using the annoucement system to warn CC's men that CC is a liar, and decieving them all.
He tells them to get out of there, or else they will all be killed.
CC comes down to the first floor to meet up with Brownbeard, and Brownbeard demands his men back.
Short flashback of CC leaving BB's men outside to die.

CC tells Brownbeard he doesn't knwo were they are, and was worried about them.
CC's men comes down to see what's going on, and BB tries to warn them that CC has been calling this island the island of labrats
But CC controls the air, so they can't hear BB correctly, and they all start laughing
CC injects BB with sedate, then whispers him that he remembers what he did with his men... he left them outside to die!
He also tells him the accident four years ago that nearly killed everyone on the island was caused by him as well
Brownbeard is in tears, but he can't raise his voice

Brownbeard uses his last ounce of strength to get up and swing his blade at CC, and tries to warn the men once again.
They can't hear him, and BB is shot full of bullets by CC's men...

As CC tries to finish off Brownbeard, our hero arrives!
Giant black fist punches through the wall, nearly taking out CC (misses by an inch)
Luffy appears, most likely using Elephant Gun.

Without saying a single word, Luffy pats his hand on Brownbeard, as if to say "you fought well, now rest".
Brownbeard finally goes down, still crying and unable to communicate.
Luffy recalls BB's trust in CC, and is pissed.

CC orders his men to go back to the second floor, as the Straw Hat pirates and marines will be her any minute.
Momo cofirms to Luffy that the man in front of him is the evil man who is killing the children, to which Luffy answers "I know."

Luffy asks CC what is up with this island, to which CC replies this island is like air. It exists, but seemingly it doesn't.
It's a headquarter for technology of darkness, even the most forbidden experiments can be conducted here. Never in short supply of test subjects.
ITs backed by a great power, and any thing that goes on here is erased from records, as if nothing ever happened.
You can cry all you want, but there will never be help coming here.

He says Luffy is over his head, and doesn't know what he's up with.
Including his alliance to Law. Law wants the SAD, and only CC can create it. That's why he wants him.
Doflamingo has a factory that turns SADs into fruits called SMILE.

SMILE are artificial Zoan Devil Fruits!! He's using SMILE to trade with dangerous people in the New World.
One of the Yonkou already has hundreds of DF users under him/her by using SMILE.

He says by sabotaging Dofamingo's business, Luffy would piss off hell of a lot of bigshots in New World!
He says Law and Luffy are idiots for bringing wrath on themselves.
CC laughs at him saying try and catch him, and they'll have pissed of Doflamingo and Yonkou on their asses.

Luffy has listened to this entire time silently.
He punches the crap out of CC, and says "So what? I've done exactly that all this time!"

Yeah. Not like Luffy would ever care about that.


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