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AP schrieb:

Due to Law cutting open the roof, Shinokuni starts to seep in through the cracks.
Zoro and Tashigi joins up with Nami and the kids.
Tashigi complains that G-5 being there means Zoro went the wrong way like she said.
She also demands to be set down, it's embarassing in front of her men.
Zoro starts running the wrong way as Nami points out, and Sanji is pissed Zoro is carrying Tashigi.

Chopper is done with immergency treatment on Mocha, this is all he can do for now.
The G-5 Medics carry Mocha and Chopper and head to the building R.

Meanwhile SAD room:
Vergo is chopped up into pieces and stuck to a rail.
He complains how he's going to eat breakfast like this now.
Vergo's head warns Law that he doesn't know Joker's "past", and that will be his undoing
He continues that a rookie that just made a little name for himself isn't going to take over, the New Wolrd is not that easy.
As Vergo continues blabbing, Law cuts his face in half, shutting him up.
Law tells him to worry about himself, as this SAD room will explode into pieces soon.
Law and Smoker leaves the room, stranding the LEGO-Vergo there.

CC i shocked about the roof splitting open for a while, blaiming Vergo for not stopping Law.
CC orders his men to open the vents and let Shinokuni in. Caeser says he's immune to the poison as he is gas himself.
They worry that the men near him will all die, CC yells at them in frustration calling them nothing but test subjects, and he doesn't care how many of trash die.
The men in the monitor room forgets about Usopp and starts crying at CC's betrayal.

The men in monitor room still tries to believe CC, and tell themselves he's just acting to decieve the enemy.
They went ahead and open the vents....

As Shinokuni seeps into the first floor, Caeser merges with Shinokuni.
He says two nations already started negotiating with him for Shinokuni.
His ambition is to fill the world with destructive weapons like these, and become the Lord of Land of the Death himself.
To prove his might, he spreads his body around, kill his own men with Shinokuni.....

Luffy looks pissed from Caesar's betrayal of his men.
He tells Momo to watch over Brownbeard, and he heads out from the room.
Caesar sees Luffy running from the room, thinking he's running away, calls him a coward and that the hallways is alreay filled with Shinokuni as well, there's nowhere to run.

Back in the monitor room, the men are grieving at their master's betrayal.
Usopp tells them to move out of his way, he needs to save his friends from the gas.
CC's men mock themselves and mocks Usopp, telling him his captain is no better, didn't you just see him run?
Usopp tells them to dare not insult his captain in front of him.
If his captain was the type to betray his own kind, they would have had much easier time! (lol)
There are times when he wants to run away, as far as they can, but because his captain trusts in them... he has no choice but to answer to that trust! Always!
Usopp: Just watch... Caeser is the worst type of scum Luffy hates!! Luffy will not forgive Caeser.

Luffy gains enough distance from Caesar to stretch both his arms out to the fullest, with Gear 3.
Harded wth COA, Luffy runs towards Caesar, telling him he's tired of seeing his face as he's about to release a bazooka on him with both Gear 3 blackened fists!

Usopp didn't get to wipe the floor with fodders, but he got to make an awesome speech about Luffy and their trust in him.


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