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Source: apforums
Credits: Redon
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt

Chapter 693: Please, die.

Franky attacks without hesitation with his General Left.
Baby 5 keeps firing back at Franky General while falling. Her attacks don't put even a scrach on FG.
General Franky throws a Shield Boomerang.
Baby 5 turns into a katana, and Baffalo uses her to slice the Shield in half.
Remembering Doflamingo's orders, Baby 5 turns into a missle and flies to recover Caesar.
The missle hits FG.
Caesar is barely alive, but with his last strength, he tries to crush Smoker's heart and take him with him.

Law hurries up Luffy, but LUffy stays saying his crew aren't with them yet.
Chopper and Brook finally arrives, Brook cries about Kin-emon. Momo is surprised at what's happened to his dad.

Meanwhile, Dofla speaks with Monet...
Monet intends to go and hit another self-destruction switch still active.

Monet: Don't say anymore, Joker... I've intended to do this from the start.
Dofla: !?
Monet: I'm in front of the destruction switch right no... the explosion should reach the tanker. Everything will be lost, is that ok?
Dofa: I'm sorry about this.... Yes, take everything down with you, and die.
Monet: Roger that, young master.

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Danke an MellaVie für das aufmerksam machen das die spoiler drausen sind Smile


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