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One Piece Manga 701 Spoiler E18901241486327

redon schrieb:

In the cover, Caribou enter in a building with people making arms.
- Mugiwara crew arrive to Dressrosa.
- 3 groups: Caesar, Robin, Law and Usopp; Chopper, Brook, Nami and Momonosuke; Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Kinemon and Franky.
- Some people in Dressrosa are toys.
- Luffy´s group enter in a Casino (they are dress up).
- There´s a man with scars that create a big hole in the casino.

ahoige schrieb:

Chapter 701 - Adventure in nation of Love, Passion, and Toys.

Summary comin' up:

first part

Caribou vol.22 - Caribou sneaks into a building as mud, and the place is a weapons factory!

Sunny docks on Dressrosa, between boudlers.
Luffy with his usual pose, declaring and yelling they're here, Franky eager to blow up a factory or two.
Luffy tries to ride Momo, but Momo doesn't know how to fly. Luffy told him he flew before, but Momo can't remember the act.
He says even if he could, he'd never do such dreadful thing... while vaguely recalling a dark hand reaching out to him (Dofla?) and asking him for his name.
Luffy and Momo have a fight, Luffy mocking him of being scared to fly, and Momo retaliating saying a samurai fears nothing.
Luffy proclaims he doesn't care about samurai, he's gonna be a Pirate King one day, Momo bites his head and tells him well then he's gonna be a shogun of Wano one day
Brook sighs and reminds Luffy he's fighting an eight year old. lol
Kin steps in and scolds his son, telling him to respect the one who saved his life.
Kin tells him samurai of Wano have high pride, but also tells Luffy to not be so caught up arguing an eight year old.
Luffy tells him he doens't like cowards. Luffy and Momo stick tongue at each other

Kin will provide them with disguises on the island. He claims men all wear shirts and suits, while women are all naked. (Nami: LIES!)
Law hand Nami a vivre card that points towards Zou, incase something was to happen to them.


Law shows the Straw Hats a map of Dressrosa one of his crew drew.
Team handing Ceasar over to Doflamingo will pass through Dressrosa and head north, over a long bridge, to Green Bit.
Apparently you cannot get there on ship.
Law, Usopp, Robin (and Caesar) are the team heading to Green Bit.
Nami, Momo, Brook, and Chopper will look after the Sunny
The rest will head to destroy the factories.

There are sevreal things Dressrosa is known for...
The beautiful fields of flowers.
The scent of delicious food the island is known for
The third is tireless, passionate dances of women.
(Dressrosa is very.... Spain. Women dancing flamenco and such)

And one more thing the island is known for....

A doll is chasing a dog who snagged one of her arms off.
A toy soldier notices the Straw Hats, he saw them on the newspaper today.
A marching band of toys cross the street.

The island is full of living, sentient toys living together in harmony with humans!!

The team for destroying the factories and saving the samurai are
Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Franky, and Kin-emon

There is a scream of someone getting stabbed in the street, and apparently it happens often.
Zoro asks if there's a slasher roaming the street, but the Toy soldier tells him no, the women on the island are so passionate, when they find a man is cheating on them, they stab the man. LOL

The group are in the Port Town of Acacia.
They all dress up in black suit, shirts, and fake beards as Luffy declares LUNCH TIME!
Sanji notices hw the city seems too clam for a nation whose king just resigned this mornig.
Luffy trie to ask someone nearby for info, but Sanji stops him teling him his mug was on the newspaper just this morning!
The group's lunc comes to the table, all delicious looking seafood.
The toy monkey waiter who brought them food tells them this island has a legend of fairies, they have been sighted here for centuries.

The restaurant also has a casino.
Bunch of crooks are taking money from an blind man, telling him lies about the roulette.
The punks proclaim without Buffalo being absent from the bar, they can rob as much gold as they please
The customers in the restaurant mumble the punks are dishonoring Donquioxte's name
The blind man bets all of his belongings, and the punks lie to him again, and tries to rob him of all the money.
Luffy steps in and tells him the truth. The crooks are enraged, and attack Luffy.
The blind man thanks Luffy for telling him the truth, and unsheathes his sword from his cane.
The crooks are pushed to the ground with gravity, as the blind man declares them to go to hell.
The floor of the restaurant caves into abyss of darkness, taking all the crooks with it.

The blind man proclaims being blind can be interesting, there are much filth to this world you may not wish to see.

Btw, there's no sign of Kin recognizing him so.....
This Master Mifune or Zatoichi like man is probably..... you know.


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