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Source: 2ch
Credits: T
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt

279 :いやあ名無しってほんとにいいもんですね:2013/04/10(水) 16:10:10.63 発信元:
勝新太郎は新大将 藤虎 名前はイッショウ

285 :いやあ名無しってほんとにいいもんですね:2013/04/10(水) 16:20:29.05 発信元:
第705話 追撃のメイナード
扉絵はカリブーの部下的な奴ら全滅  見せしめ

フランキーが正体ばれなきゃいいと言う。フランキーが仕事に行こうとするとおもちゃの兵隊が付いて来ると言 う。おもちゃの兵隊に工場の場所を知らない奴には用は無いと言う。
客席では海軍が出場者をチェックしている  海兵と連絡を取っていた男は控室で海軍中将キャップマン(追 撃のメイナード)でバルトロメオの参謀を倒す

藤虎はグリーンビットへ向かう 軍艦を3隻用意するよう本部へ命令  敵の数より護るべき人の数が重要とい う藤虎

変装したロー達一行はグリーンビット前の橋に到着 お茶して情報収集していると CP-0登場 正式名称 サイファーポールイージスゼロ



バルトロメオは影だけで登場  やばそうな雰囲気

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Source: apforums
Credits: Redon/Ahoige_AP
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt

Short Summary

Katsu Shintaro (blind man) is the new admiral, Fujitora. His real name is Issho.

Complete Summary

Chapter 705 Maynard "the pursuer"
coverart Caribou's henchmen all taken out, just to serve as a lesson for all
(T may just mean the revolutionaries here)

Franky says as long as he's identity isn't revealed, everything's fine. Then gets to his work.
The toy soldier says he's follow him. Franky says he has no use for someone who doesn't know where the factory is, but the Toy soldier does indeed know something... he says let's move to another place before getting into the details.
In the spectators marines are checking out the audiences. The man who was communiating with the marine is Vice Admiral Capman (known as Maynard, the "Pursuer") and he defeats Balto Romeo/Bartolomeo's adviser.

Fujitora heads to Green Bit, and orders three warships from the HQ.
He finds the number of people they need to protect is more crucial than the number of enemies that must be defeated.

Law's group disguised themselves and arrived at the Green Bit bridge. While they're having tea and gathering info, CP-0 appears.
Official name is Cypher Pol Aegis Zero

Zoro catches the fairy, but falls off the building. The fairy comes floating down from above, carrying the goods. Zoro is suprised.
Dofla's goons contacts Kin and tells him if he values Kanjuro's life, come with them.
Meanwhile, Sanji is taking out a sniper for Violet.

Some strang noise coming from a room on the Sunny....

Capman is taken out instantly by Balto Romeo/Bartholomeo
He is shown in shadows, but looks pretty menacing.


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