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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga 710 Spoiler   One Piece Manga 710 Spoiler EmptyDi 4 Jun - 11:30


redon schrieb:

Little summary, chapter will be out tomorrow.

- Mugiwara crew with Chinese Kung Fu style in lead color pages.
- Bellamy talks with Luffy, he says Luffy has a strong Haki.
- Bartolomeo hears that Bellamy calls Luffy "Mugiwara" and he shocks.
- Usopp, Robin, Law and Caesar are in iron bridge, giant fighting fish try to attack them.
- Usoop and Robin fights with them.
- Law releases Caesar to help them but he has Caesar's heart.
- Law wants to be ready to fight when they on the way back so he doesn't want to waste strength to attack the fish.
- The middle of the bridge has been destroyed.
- Caesar transforms into a balloon and then they pass the bridge.
- They arrive at Green Bit, a big forest.
- They see a warship.
- Robin goes into forest with Usopp and find some marines that are talking with someone that they can't see.
- Then someone takes marine's clothes off quickly.
- Robin uses her ability to catch it and calls it little man, こびと in Japanese.

Kaze108 schrieb:

One Piece Manga 710 Spoiler U7ISMWJ

Text: Eh…!? Mugiwara…!?

Kaze108 schrieb:

One Piece Manga 710 Spoiler XKI6JoH

redon schrieb:

One Piece Manga 710 Spoiler Zpp8fx8
Das sind "Teru teru bōzu" wikipedia link:


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