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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga 739: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 739: Spoiler EmptyMi 26 Feb - 8:01

redon schrieb:

- Trebol captures all dwarfs with his ability. His ​ticky substance is flammable.
- Diamante hits hard Rebecca.
- Leo confirms that Toy Soldier is Kyros, the strongest gladiator in history of Corrida Colosseum.

aohige schrieb:
Chapter 739: Captain
coverart Brook with Whale balloons

(Captain as in, leader of a squad, not captain of a ship)

The thrown pirate ship comes crashing into the hallway where Sugar and others are.
Usopp and Sugar both open their mouth wide in shock as they stare at the massive duck-shaped pirate ship above them.
The ship falls and the dock workers run in panic

Robin rescues Usopp, but Leo and the Tontattas are captured by Trebol
Trebol asks where the others are, and lies to Tontattas that he is a friend of theirs. Leo falls for it and says the name "Usoland"
He also gains the information about the one-legged soldier working with them.

Trebol tells them his goo is flammable, and lights it up, exploding the Tontattas.\
Leo is blown away to where Usopp is. Usopp tells him to flee, they can't beat Trebol.
But Leo is adamant to finish the SOP operation, they can't fail their captain. Once the operation is successful he'll surely take down Doflamingo!

Meanwhile at the elevator side
Lao G kicks and knocks the soldier into a wall.

Short flashback for the sodlier
Earlier this morning - The gladiators and Tontattas celebrate Doflamingo resigning from Shichibukai and the throne.
But the soldier tells them what he knows already.. the news is a mistake.

Rebecca is fed up with this, and decides to enter the tournament for the devil fruit.
She says everyone knows the status of Kyros must be a fake. A symbol of hope, a fantasy to look up to.
The toy soldier tells her the tournament is not a fight she can win.
He scolds her telling her she's still only 16, and a child. She should listen to what he says.
She yells back at him telling him he's not even her parent, and he's nothing but a one-legged soldier, he stands no chance against Doflamingo.
The soldier leaves telling her she's right, but he still wishes her to not enter the ring.
As he leaves Rebecca cries, apologizing to him for what she said

end of flashback

Rebecca slashes at Diamante, but her sword is bladeless. It doees nothing to Diamante.
He steps on her foot so she can't get away, creates a mace, and clubs her. He tells her the ring is a place for killers, if you cannot make me bleed, you yourself must bleed to please the crowd.

Sabo sees Rebecca in danger, and sends Muscle-melon I mean Bartolomeo to aid her. He tells him to protect her.
Diamante asks Rebecca if she knows how her mother Scarlet died.
He tells her a toy soldier was crying at her death, and how it was pitiful.

Back to the Lift... the earth is trembling, Lao G wonders Pica must be rampaging, but why...?
Tontattas attack and holds Lao G in place while Kabu goes to help the Soldier to his feet.
Kabu tells their captain to head to Doflamingo, and not worry about them. Only he can defeat Doflamingo!

Back to Usopp
Usopp asks why Leo and others counts on the toy soldier so much, what do you see in him?
He tells Usopp that normally someone turned into a toy is enslaved to Sugar's contract.
But when Sugar turned the Toy soldier, she forgot to say the contract! The only mistake she made in 10 years.
He is the only toy soldier that can revolt against Doflamingo, he is the hope for all toys and Tontattas.
No one remembers his name when he was human... it is Kyros. The most powerful gladiator in the history of the Colisseum!

End of chapter


One Piece Manga 739: Spoiler Ui6yjnzu

Shamisaly schrieb:
ein Igel ohne Smileys ist wie ein Igel ohne stacheln

Wenn Igel niesen:



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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 739: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 739: Spoiler EmptyMi 26 Feb - 8:36

Wow. Echt cool. Die Zwerge sind echt so leichtgläubig. Den kann man aber auch alles erzählen.
Das der Soldat Kyros ist konnte man sich schon denken. Jetzt haben wir es bestätigt bekommen.
Allerdings hätte ich nicht gedacht dass Sugar so einen elementaren Fehler macht.
Ich finde es toll dass Sabo, Bartolomeo und Rebecca sozusagen zusammen arbeiten. Ich bin wirklich sehr auf das Kapitel gespannt.
Immer noch nichts von Sanji und co. Langsam werde ich ungeduldig. Das wird sehr wahrscheinlich dann ein ziemlich langer Flashback. Und Franky wurde jetzt auch einige Zeit nicht gezeigt. Wie wird der mit seinen Gegnern fertig?


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